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Cucumber Seeds

Early Spring Burpless Hybrid Slicing Cucumber Early Spring Burpless Hybrid Slicing Cucumber
Big Yields of Bitter-Free Fruit

Prolific and early! Creamy-spined dark green fruits, 12-15 in. long. Brig...  more details »
Sassy Hybrid Cucumbers Sassy Hybrid Cucumbers
Superior for Pickling and Canning!

Green, crisp and plump fruits. Harvest for slicing when 6-10 in. Or pic...  more details »
Iznik Hybrid Slicing Cucumber Iznik Hybrid Slicing Cucumber
Gourmet Cocktail Cucumber

Unparalleled for fresh snacking with its crisp, mild flavor and a slight melon ...  more details »
Gurney's Burpless II Hybrid Pickling Cucumber Gurney's Burpless II Hybrid Pickling Cucumber
Finally! A Non-Bitter Pickler

Super mild, never bitter, easy to digest. Resists scab, leaf spot, mosaic vi...  more details »
Straight Eight Slicing Cucumber Straight Eight Slicing Cucumber
Our Most Popular Cucumber

Tip-top slicing cuke is perfectly straight! Dark green, 8-in. fruits—a un...  more details »
Sweeter Yet Hybrid Slicing Cucumber Sweeter Yet Hybrid Slicing Cucumber
Big, Sweet and Burpless

Bigger, sweeter and more productive than standard burpless slicers. Dark green cuk...  more details »
Eureka Hybrid Pickling Cucumber Eureka Hybrid Pickling Cucumber
Perfect Pickler or Slicer!

Vigorous plants bear loads of deep green, dual-purpose cukes. Use 2- to4-in. si...  more details »
Bush Pickle Hybrid Pickling Cucumber Bush Pickle Hybrid Pickling Cucumber
Plants Spread Just 2 1/2-3 Ft.

Compact choice for small gardens or containers! Bears early, white-spined,...  more details »
Sweet-Slice Hybrid Slicing Cucumber Sweet-Slice Hybrid Slicing Cucumber
Burpless, Bitter-Free Producer

Mildly flavored—never bitter. Sets well under tough conditions&mdash...  more details »
Sweet Success Hybrid Slicing Cucumber Sweet Success Hybrid Slicing Cucumber
Early, Seedless and Acid Free

Crisp, mild and easy on the digestion. Its gynoecious vines tolerate scab an...  more details »

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