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Flower and Grass Seeds

Anniversary  Zinnia Anniversary Zinnia
An All-Time Customer Favorite

Introduced over 20 years ago and still one of our best sellers! Sunny summer...  more details »
Out of Stock
Hummingbird and Butterfly Annual Garden Hummingbird and Butterfly Annual Garden
Vibrant Reds and Pinks!

This exciting blend of colorful annuals is sure to entice butterflies and humming...  more details »
Magic Carpet Mix Magic Carpet Mix
Long Season of Rainbow Color

Low-growing varieties hug the ground in a carpet-like habit of color that las...  more details »
State Fair Zinnias State Fair Zinnias
Big-Flowered Blend

Double 5- to 6-in. flowers bloom June to frost—an explosion of red, orange, purpl...  more details »
Cherry Brandy Rudbeckia Cherry Brandy Rudbeckia
Winner of the Fleuro select Novelty Award

A uniquely hued variety, each dark chocolate center of its large...  more details »
Out of Stock
Durango Marigold Mix Durango Marigold Mix
Sets the Standard for Anemone Marigolds

Tons of double blooms early summer to frost! Uniform, extra-large,...  more details »
Royal Flush Mix Sunflower Royal Flush Mix Sunflower
Brilliant Towering Blooms!

Dazzling 4- to 6-in. sunflowers soar on 6-ft. stalks! Dynamic color combination...  more details »
Castor Bean Flower Seed Castor Bean Flower Seed
An Excellent Screen!

A fast-growing privacy screen! Grows 10-12 ft. tall with gigantic veined leaves. Pref...  more details »
Out of Stock
Gurney's® Healthy Lawn Grass Seed Gurney's® Healthy Lawn Grass Seed
An All-Around Winner!

Grow turf so tough it can be used on football fields or playgrounds —and yet i...  more details »
Daisy Mix Flower Seed Daisy Mix Flower Seed
Very Warm Colors

Daisies galore! If you love daisies—and who doesn't?—you'll be thrilled by th...  more details »

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